Individual Counseling Services

Individual therapy is available to adolescents and adults seeking personal growth, skills building and treatment of a variety of mental health diagnoses.

In the initial session goals for treatment will be collaboratively identified and length and frequency of treatment will be discussed.

Individual sessions are approximately 50 minutes and will focus on working through the goals identified for treatment.


Group Counseling Services

Group therapy is available for a variety of mental health and behavioral concerns.

The benefit of group sessions is the collaborative approach between the facilitator as well as other group members.  Group therapy is an effective way to work towards treatment goals in place of or in addition to individual counseling.

Group sessions last between 60-90 minutes depending on the particular group topic.  There are typically between 8-12 participants in a group.

Pre-Employment Screenings

Pre-Employment psychological screenings are requested by specific employers to determine an applicant's fit for a particular position.  The specific assessments administered are determined based on the position and the needs of the agency.